"I tried to retire. It didn't stick!"

Add-on programs and custom services from the man who started Stone Edge Technologies!

Order Manager Add-Ons

We offer add-on programs that integrate seamlessly with Monsoon Stone Edge (formerly called the Stone Edge Order Manager). Our programs are written by Barney Stone, founder of Stone Edge Technologies and lead designer of the Stone Edge Order Manager. (Barney sold Stone Edge to Monsoon Commerce in 2011 and is no longer officially associated with the company.)

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Order Export Wizard

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to extract data from Monsoon Stone Edge for use with other programs?

Whether you want to analyze your sales in a spreadsheet program or send orders to an accounting system, Barney’s Order Export Wizard makes it easy!

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Quick Filter Wizard

Have you tried creating custom Quick Filters? It isn’t easy, especially when complex selection criteria are needed! And of course Monsoon Stone Edge limits you to five custom filters.

Barney’s Quick Filter Wizard solves both of those problems!

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